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Campaign values and behaviours - code of conduct


When you are volunteering on Linda's Seymours Campain, we want you and everyone you come into contact with to feel comfortable. 

You understand that by wearing a t-shirt or displaying other merchandise associated with the Linda Seymour campaign and/or volunteering on the Linda Seymour Campain, you are representing the campaign. You accept that anything you say or do can affect Linda Seymour's reputation and the perception of her and her campaign within the community. 

By wearing a Linda Seymour Campaign T-Shirt you commit to adhering to campaign values and behaviours. You will conduct all my communications with members of the public, including members of opposition parties and all associated with the Linda Seymour campaign with respect and goodwill.  You will make it clear that any personal opinions expressed are your own and not that of Linda Seymour or her campaign. 

To create a positive presence we ask that you demonstrate the following behaviours and values


The values we abide by

  • Respect 

  • Integrity

  • Honesty

  • Positivity

  • Inclusivity

The behaviours we commit to

  • We commit to being kind, compassionate and welcoming

  • We commit to being to demonstrating honest and decent behaviour

  • We commit to listening respectfully and learning from others

  • We commit to engaging constructively 

The principles that guide how we decide and act in political life:

  • We actively engage with the community to reflect their concerns in decision making. 

  • We use evidence based, scientific and sociological advice to formulate policy and decide on courses of action. 

  • We support open, transparent and accountable government.

  • We seek to build a fairer society that respects human dignity and the well-being of all its citizens.


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