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We Are Hughes and We Are Going to Canberra!

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

On Sunday the 14th of November I was honoured to be announced as the preferred community candidate by the We Are Hughes selection committee.

I love where we live, and respect and admire who we are. I'm proud to stand for our electorate. I know we are so much better than how we have been represented.

I have been working with many others to create healthy respectful change in our political environment. The very simple ethos is that we have structural problems within our political system that requires people outside a political class with clear vision to change.

A win at all costs mentality has created adversarial politics and in turn a population that turns away. Watching the "contest of ideas" play out has become an exercise in futility.

A Federal Integrity Commission is imperative. Fix the integrity of or political environment and we fix a core problem.

Inaction on climate change has left us floundering. We should be embracing our abundance of clean renewable energy and setting ourselves up as a renewable energy super power. To squander this opportunity is economic madness.

Yes, hard decisions need to be made. And that is what real leadership displays. The onus is on politicians to make decisions and treat us with respect and intelligence and to keep us informed. Slogans have had their day. We need intelligent dignified representation.

I'm proud to be part of a change that will work constructively for the outcomes that are for the future of us and generations to come. Link to the report from the day by Margo Kingston -

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