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Utes, ballet, football and not sitting sideways.

Updated: Jan 31, 2022

The following tongue in cheek thread addressed to Scott Morrison tells you a lot about me. It was originally posted on Twitter.

1/ Good morning @ScottMorrisonMP allow me to introduce myself.

I grew up in Lilli Pilli, near the soccer club you funded in your electorate. (It's colour coded on a spreadsheet somewhere) ¹

I learnt to drive on a V8 ute. I didn't even sit side-saddle! #CookVotes #HughesVotes

2 / I've worn hi-viz vests on building sites because I was there for actual work. Those stadiums you sit in? I've worked on them. Not just here but around the world. How good's sport!

3 / In 2014 I came to your office to talk about the treatment of refugees, media diversity and climate change. You didn't show up. Your office said you'd come back to us, you never did. 4/ The ladies in the office said you were a lovely man who let them go home when their children were sick. Nice. Have you heard of Medevac?² 5 / I now live in Hughes, Bonnet Bay the historical home of Christmas lights, you'd love it, lots of work on those lights though.

The electoral boundaries shift occasionally. There was a time my home was in Cook, but mostly it's been in Hughes. I know many Sharkies fans.


6 / Like you, I've got two daughters. One just finished Uni, she narrowly escaped her degree cost doubling. Phew. Serves her right for studying humanities and giving a #@it. (A story by Ayla is linked at the end of this thread)³ #education #HumanRights 7/ My other daughter is a former ballerina, she went to The Royal Ballet School in London, now she's at NIDA on the design side. Oh, the arts. They bring so much joy. Imagine if they were funded. Sigh. #Fundthearts

8/ My husband, ex-farm boy. He knows drought.

His family vote National, they don't feel represented though. Maybe if they were miners, not farmers, they might? #agriculture

My husband, he's a sporto. He came to Sydney to play for the Swans. He accidentally turned into an architect. #architecture

9/ In my partial sociology studies, I focused on childcare and equality. Boy oh boy, Australia lags behind. Big Time. ⁴ #FundChildCare #Equality 10/ What a marketing conundrum my family pose! Sport, art, architecture and a female that drove a Ute and wears the occasional high viz, cares about refugees and climate change.


I'm standing for Hughes. I know who we are. I walk among us, not above us. I talk with, not at. I've been at this for years. Caring "too much" and being "too ethical". These are strengths, not weaknesses.

I've got conviction. I am formidable.


If you would like to help me get to Canberra to give a voice to the many in Hughes and across Australia please consider giving a donation.

My team and I need all the assistance we can get. We are bottom up politics and so is our funding. Small voices, small funding, but together we can truly be loud and unmissable. Please help me be loud and formidable. * I'd really like an electric vehicle but they are too expensive, shame we aren't manufacturing our own. Another lost opportunity. Sigh.





³ this is a link to a story on poverty as related by my daughter Ayla

OECD (2021), "Net childcare costs" (indicator), (accessed on 21 December 2021).

This is the original Twitter thread

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