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Updated: Feb 13, 2022

"Local Liberal party members in Hughes are outraged by a move to parachute in a member of the state executive, who lives in Many, as their candidate to take on Craig Kelly in the federal election"

From the article

Asked whether branch members would get behind Mr Dore, a branch president said, "Probably not. I think a lot of people would probably say, 'We have had enough of this, see you later'."


We are Hughes independent candidate Linda Seymour said the move "by Liberal power brokers shows once again Hughes is being taken for granted".

"I am dismayed, but equally, I am not surprised," she said.

"This is the same pattern that delivered Craig Kelly to Hughes. Overriding local branch wishes because of political games played out far away from our electorate.

"The view is we are such a safe seat that anyone will be elected simply because they are Liberal. This is contemptible regard for our citizens that shows they take our votes for granted."

Ms Seymour said it was "time for constructive politics".

"That is my pledge, constructive, politics in consultation with constituents," she said. "That is how democracy was designed to work, and it can work again if we vote for the person and not the party." Link to the article here

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