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The Powerful Alliance Behind Linda Seymour’s Independent Campaign

Working hard behind the scenes as campaign manager for Hughes Independent Candidate Linda Seymour is Holsworthy social worker, mother of three and long time volunteer and initiator with community group 'We are Hughes', Anneliese Alexander.

The pair initially met online during the 2019 'black summer bushfires', and discovered many shared values and their common goal of wanting to improve the standard of our community's representation. The pair first met face to face at a local shopping centre in Wattle Grove, where they happened to bump into Hughes MP Craig Kelly. “It was like the universe was telling us something,” says Anneliese.

When questioned about her motivation to be involved with We Are Hughes , Ms Alexander stated; "From a young age, I remember my family always being engaged in Political issues and wanting to see the best for our community. I grew up in a strong Catholic family, and social justice played a big part in my upbringing. My parents didn’t just accept things the way they were. If they thought something needed changing, they worked hard to change it.”

When discussing her Campaign Manager and the role Ms Alexander is playing, Ms Seymour said; "Anneliese is a Holsworthy resident, whereas I live in Bonnet Bay. This has been invaluable for both 'We are Hughes' and now our Election campaign. The issues facing residents in the different parts of the Electorate are often complex and varied. For instance, the Liverpool side of the electorate is facing the environmental and potential health impacts of the Moorebank Intermodal. Last year's hard lockdown in Liverpool LGA also put in sharp contrast the different way the two council areas were being treated. Having someone to report on how it was impacting the health and wellbeing of the community was invaluable. I just feel so lucky to have such a great person working by my side and for our community."

Ms Alexander commented further, "Working full time, whilst also raising three children and now being Linda's campaign manager has been hectic, but I wouldn't have it any other way. Linda and I come from very different backgrounds but also have many shared values, with the main one being our desire for quality community representation."

Ms Seymour added, "Anneliese is one of many extraordinary people volunteering on our campaign. There are far too many to name them all. We do not have the funds to employ full time staff, but what we lack in dollars, we more than make up for in community spirit. We are running a really positive campaign and I believe we have the opportunity to do something really special here in Hughes."


Anneliese wrote an option piece for the Guardian on the 4th Of February 2021 - you can read her opinion piece here: "our Local MP doesn't represent our local community"

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