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Thank you

Updated: May 29, 2022

There are many people I wish to thank.

You wrote letters of support, helped at markets, and cooked meals for me (quite literally soul food – thank you purple koala team) you have given hours and hours of your time to letterbox flyers and work on pre-poll and polling day. You have displayed signs and delivered signs. Thank you. You donated. Thank you.

You gave your expert advice freely. Nuclear Science, Environmental science, Dharawal Knowledge, epidemiology, Veterans’ experience, ecology, and human migration. How extraordinary you all are. Thank you. Anneliese – my campaign manager.

What can I say? You put heart, soul and time you didn’t have into making this work. Full time work, a full time family and yet you pulled off the impossible. Oh how I would have loved to have been in a position to pay you. Instead our currency was drive to do good things. Keep your eye out for this amazing lady, let’s just say she is “one to watch”. Read more about Anneliese here

The purple Koala team: you’ve seen the koalas; they are cute and poignant. But the ladies behind them are even more extraordinary – Thank you. You can read more about the team here

James and Terry – for two solid weeks you stood on pre-poll from dawn to dusk. I have no words for that level of commitment. Thank you.

Colin, Terry, et al, you walked a million miles letterbox dropping all over this fine electorate. Thank you.

Wilma: for showing what inclusion really means. For the introductions and raising our standard. Thank you

Aunty Dolly. For bringing an abundance of love and open arms and showing how small things can lead to big things for First Nations peoples. You’ve given me a gift in celebrating the worlds longest surviving culture. Thank you

Graeme. Thank you for opening my eyes and mind to my own backyard. Walking on Dharawal country has a whole new meaning and depth.

Steve: Mr Sign of the times. You put up so many signs for us. You literally built us up. Thank you.

Marty and Megan – thank you for allowing me to sleep at night whilst you dealt with all money matters. You say it was nothing, but believe me, it was a big deal. Thank you.

Liz: Thank you for the music and thank you for the videos. Creative and thoughtful. What a combination.

Squig: your video! thank you. You followed me and I didn’t know you were there. How do you do that?

Lynne + Tina – you brought your educator, management and your creative minds to training and facilitating, thank you many times over.

Margo: For all the advice along the way. You were right about everything. Thank you and see you soon.

Alison: Thank you for some sound advice and wise words from an experienced pollie person with guts and soul. See you soon for that bevvy.

Denis: Thank you for Indi. Thank you for sharing freely your experiences that helped us shape We Are Hughes. I’ll be in Yackandandah sooner than you realise. Cheers.

Dennis #2 Thank you for your polling sustenance. Those gifts kept turning up and made our day. Tom, Steve and Georgia Wallace Crabbe: Koalas! Keep finding them and protecting them. Thank you! Paige: For being you. For being so so clever and for the words. Thank you.

To my sister Lorraine. I am sure anyone that came into contact with you knows how amazing you are. But I want to say it here publicly, thank you a thousand times over for everything.

To my beautiful daughters Ayla and Jessi. You have felt my absenteeism more than any. I was in the same space but consumed by a passion to change our electorate. It was my small contribution, and by extension, yours. I love you. I’m back.

To my husband, Ross. What to say? For over 2 years you have lived this life with me in this unexpected political landscape. We made it, there is no way in the world I would have got there without you. Thank you

To my Mum and Dad. You told me I could do anything. Well, I just ran for federal parliament. I guess I kind of proved you right. I didn’t win, and yet I did in so many ways. Thank you for your enduring belief in me. And to everyone else and to those that would rather not be thanked publicly, I am pretty sure you know how I feel. Grateful.

** View election and polling photos here

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