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People Power - media release

Linda Seymour’s campaign harnesses people power

Volunteers are essential in an election campaign run the way so many of us would like to see all campaigns run, less marketing and more conversations.

Linda Seymour has pledged to advocate for political donation reform if she is elected to the Australian Parliament and she has chosen to walk the talk. This local community campaign is based entirely on small community donations, contributions from her family and her own personal contribution.

This means volunteers and hard work replace paid staff and a much cheaper Kombi takes the place of an expensive campaign office.

The latest push is to train volunteers in polling booth etiquette and practice, and on Saturday at Joseph Banks Reserve in Kareela, volunteers turned up in droves to find out where they would be stationed, find out from Linda how she talks and listens to her community and the commitments she will take forward on behalf of her community if elected.

Everyone then mucked-in and helped to build the poster frames we will all see on election day.

“Our organisation is run on the expertise and experiences of us all, we are not professional politicians or campaigners, but that is what makes our campaign different and, dare I say, fun.” said Linda Seymour.

“The only person full-time on this campaign is me. We have retirees who continue their volunteer duties for their community groups, their churches and in aged care facilities, full time workers who donate hours of their time after work and on weekends. I can’t thank them all enough. It inspires me everyday to keep going to the very last minute of the campaign.”

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