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No Fibs. A journal of our campaign.

Updated: Feb 13, 2022

No-fibs is a citizen journalist project that has been following the independent movement since 2013.


No-fibs is a citizen journalist project, created by Margo Kingston. Margo is known for her work on the Sydney Morning Herald weblog and her books "Not Happy John" and "Off The Rails: The Pauline Hanson Trip"

Margo has been reporting on independent candidates since the 2013 election of Cathy McGowan in Indi. I first met Margo last year at the #March4justice after party in Canberra. No-fibs has started a podcast on the independent movement for this election, I am proud to be the first interview in the series. I have come to know Margo and admire her infinite knowledge and ability to unravel the messy world of politics. I was honoured she attended our launch event. You can listen to the podcast here where I talk with Margot and Peter Clarke which was recorded the week of the 2021 budget. You can read Margo's Launch Report here

Following in the footsteps of great journalists, Daisy Winney, a fourth-year journalism student is reporting on our grassroots campaign. We are thrilled to have Daisy follow us.

You can read Daisy's reports here by linking to the articles on the pictures. We will continue to update when there are more articles. Thank you Daisy! You make politics accessible and enjoyable.

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