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Hughes Federal MP Craig Kelly talks at 'freedom rally' in Melbourne.

Media Release 17th November 2020

Hughes Federal MP Craig Kelly talk at “freedom rally” in Melbourne. On Sunday Linda Seymour was announced as a candidate for the federal seat of Hughes in room full of enthusiastic Hughes constituents looking forward to political change in our electorate. Meanwhile Craig Kelly was attending a “freedom rally” in Melbourne denouncing a Victorian State policy. This could not be further removed from his job of representing the people of Hughes. At this rally nooses and gallows were used for sinister symbolism. The following comment is from Linda Seymour. “Craig Kelly, has undermined confidence in our health professionals and rides a wave of outrage which devalues social cohesion. On the weekend rather than engage with our electorate and the issues and concerns of Hughes, Craig Kelly chose to go to Melbourne to speak at a "freedom rally" where the sinister symbolism of nooses and gallows were used. We know where this can lead. Public health and social health are intertwined. A core objective of my platform is to be able to be able discuss issues respectfully.

This is the opposite to how we have been represented in our electorate.” Ends. For media contact – please call Anneliese Alexander on 0456 051 415

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