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Updated: May 27, 2022

Over the last months, the question I have been asked most is how I will preference other candidates.

My how to vote card is simple.

Vote 1 for me then order the other candidates in order of your preference.

We Are Hughes came about to do something different in Hughes. The aim was to bring people together from different voting histories, finding what binds us, not divides us.

I have been asked about my voting history to find out “who I am really” or where I lean. On Wednesday, at a meet the candidate forum, I told a crowded room I have not ever voted for our current member.

Mr Kelly was the member when I returned home from the UK, his stance on Climate Change was very clear, he held opposing views to me and many people of all voting histories.

Our member's stance on pandemics and measures to protect us was an extension of his views on many subjects, completely counter to the majority of us. This included his outward and overt support for Donald Trump, particularly during the insurrection.

I need to be clear, no matter what party Mr Kelly was in, I would not have voted for him. I looked at the person and I saw behaviour that served to divide. Destructive, not constructive.

The labels “left” “right” “progressive” and “conservative” are restricting.

No one party owns a care factor. We all care.

I am asking for your vote. We are better together.


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