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Freedom comes with responsibility

Updated: Feb 13, 2022

On the weekend Craig Kelly attended a 'Freedom Rally' to dispute a Victorian State bill. This could not be further from representation of us in Hughes. I am proud to be able to provide new commentary for our electorate. One that reflects who we are. We have worked hard in Hughes. The Liverpool side of our electorate has been subject to some of the harshest lock down measures. No doubt the lock downs have felt over bearing, with an impact on emotional and physical well being. No one is disputing that. Lives have been lost. Businesses severely impacted. The root of this is not due to lock downs, it is because of a pandemic that has killed millions the world over. We have banded together to try and abate the worst of this crisis. We have worked hard for a healthy return to a life less restricted. Vaccines and the incredible work of scientists and epidemiologist have enabled this. This is something to be marveled at, not admonished. Individual rights need to be respected, but so too does the health of our community. To "cry freedom' whilst willfully exposing others who are vulnerable is not something to be proud of.

If people who have chosen to remain unvaccinated (without medical exemptions) are excluded whilst we find our way out of a pandemic crisis, it is not because there is satisfaction in removing freedoms of movement, it is because as a society we prioritise the lives of the vulnerable. You can read the full article below Kelly criticised for speaking at Melbourne protest | St George & Sutherland Shire Leader | St George, NSW ( Excerpts below: Independent candidate for Hughes Linda Seymour has criticised Hughes MP Craig Kelly for speaking at a Melbourne 'freedom' protest.

Mr Kelly railed against the vaccination of children and vaccine passports at the protest.

"We have a lot of fights ahead of us. The most important fight is to protect our children," he told protesters.

Ms Seymour said speaking at the rally was not representing Hughes constituents.

"Craig Kelly attending a 'freedom rally' in Melbourne denouncing a Victorian State policy could not be further removed from his job of representing the people of Hughes," she said. "Craig Kelly has undermined confidence in our health professionals and rides a wave of outrage which devalues social cohesion.

"On the weekend, rather than engage with our electorate and the issues and concerns of Hughes, Craig Kelly chose to go to Melbourne to speak at a 'freedom rally' where the sinister symbolism of nooses and gallows were used.

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