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Dear unknown Liberal Party Candidate.

Updated: Mar 29, 2022

An open letter to Hughes' yet to be decided Liberal Party Candidate.

Dear unknown Liberal Party Candidate,

Think of this as an introduction to Hughes, I understand that at least two of the likely candidates don’t live within our boundaries.

Hughes is an electorate that for 12 years has been represented by a Liberal member who, though no longer Liberal, is yours to own. Our electorate has become synonymous with a climate change denier / wrecker and a pandemic conspiracy theorist. His ‘alternative facts’ have created serious social disharmony. In his office remains his staff member that has been charged with historical sex offences. The Liberal Party upper echelons were made aware of the allegations years before he was charged. And yet, there he remains. You might like to have an answer ready as to why this was OK for your party.

You may have considered if you need to move here. The answer is a resounding YES. And if you do, simply wearing a Sharkies scarf to a footy match won’t make you local. (that sleight of hand can only work once) You need to get to know us. Time is limited though, I’ve no idea how you’ll do it.

I’ve spent 2 years speaking with people from Hughes from one end to the other. I respect the constituents here. It’s going to be hard for you to claim the same.

How will you understand the issues from Bundeena to Moorebank? There is some commonality but there are some very localised issues. I guess you could go back over and read all the work We Are Hughes have done for the last two years or read my website, newsletters and blog posts. You should really consider subscribing to my site.

We know you think that being a Liberal candidate in Hughes means you automatically get the job in Canberra, can you see how arrogant that is? The constituents of Hughes can.

After the past 12 years, the very least you could have done is apologised for giving us Craig Kelly and his offsider Frank Zumbo. You should have been here working every single day for months for the wasted dozen years you forced on us.

Hughes is a fantastic electorate. We are the largest in greater Sydney, we are the greenest, we have the longest coastline. We are diverse.

On my part, I’m so proud that after 2 years of tireless work for better politics in Hughes I have people from varied voting histories looking to vote for me. Not because I’m a career politician, it’s because I care. I care deeply.

To everyone else that isn’t a potential Liberal party candidate, let’s own our seat. Let’s not be taken for granted again.

We are so much better than the past 12 years.

Let’s make our one seat in parliament OUR SEAT. It’s time to be taken seriously not taken for granted.

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