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Updated: May 18, 2022

Will an independent cross bench bring chaos?

The Leader’s Murray Trembath recently put the question to me about about Scott Morrison’s assertion independents will bring chaos to parliament.

It’s a question worth asking. It gave me a chance to talk about genuine representation.

There are 151 electorates in Australia. Each of those seats deserve quality representation.

I came to this space because I care about Hughes. I care about democracy.

In Hughes we have a specific issue. We have not only been voiceless, we have been represented by a member who has been a destructive force within the government about the things the majority of us hold dear.

For us in Hughes, it’s personal.

I didn’t come to this space with any view that I hold the key to saving Australians, I came to this space because I believe in democracy.

For example, I have been watching the seat of Groom closely (Toowoomba and regional QLD), there is another independent running in that seat that will give her community a voice. The priorities in Toowoomba are not the same as the priorities here. A great democracy will hear those voices, and all our voices.

The seat of Indi in regional Victoria has independent Dr Helen Haines as their representative, she is the politician I most admire in Australia. However much I admire Helen Haines, there will be times when I would vote differently to Dr Haines. Her region has different priorities to Hughes. And that is the way it should be, Indi gets a a vote and so does Hughes.

Likewise Zali Steggall is a great member for Warringah, but Hughes is not Warringah. In Warringah approximately two thirds of high school student go to fee paying schools vs government schools, in Hughes that statistic is reversed.

We are not Indi, We Are Not Warringah #WeAreHughes and we deserve proper representation.

There is an intermodal in Moorebank that will impact lives, that needs to be addressed loudly by a vocal representative.

There is mining under our water, it’s a state issue, but that doesn’t stop our outrage over this travesty, we need to be heard. Both major parties are out promising skate and dog parks, I think they have the ability to look at state mining issues as well.

A good member is not about bringing chaos or holding a government to ransom, a good member is about working with the government of the day to enact good policy.

I am proud of doing politics differently. I’m not about division, I’m about unity, and Australians are pretty united on wanting a federal integrity commission and meaningful action on climate change. On those issues I’ll advocate for Hughes, knowing we are representative of the majority of Australians.

Vote for constructive politics. Vote for me and I promise I’ll work with dignity, and I’ll represent the needs of Hughes.

PS There is a narrative going around that I’m ‘too nice’ for politics. Hmm. A reminder my career has seen me work with all levels of government and public and private sectors. I’ve had some pretty rough and tumble interactions over the years. Being ‘nice’ has never been a problem in those situations. It’s quite a disarming virtue. And I’ve never ever had trouble standing up for what is right. Why do those in the ‘Linda’s too nice camp’ think I’m here? I’m here to do politics differently, because guess what?, Adversarial politics aren’t cutting it.

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