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Angelica: "I've got the greatest job in the world. Giving"

Updated: Jan 4, 2022

"Linda you have to talk with Angelica. You will LOVE her."

Anneliese read about Angelica on a local community page and made the introduction. She was right, it is virtually impossible not to love Angelica.

A meeting with Angelica is not so much a casual catch-up, it is more of an audience. Originally from a farm in New Zealand, she has led a life as a missionary, artist and musician. The names of her well-known artists and politician friends flow through the conversation in a matter of fact way. For Anneliese and I who were there to hear about her charitable work, we got so much more than we anticipated.

Angelica's story moves back and forward through time. At one point she was a missionary in Africa, she watched women praying for items, including sanitary and basic toiletries. Twenty years later she wakes from a life-saving operation and recalls the women praying and thinks to herself that praying alone is not cutting it, she felt a calling to get active and practical. Her Wattle Grove women's group has now gifted pallet loads of necessary items to farmers impacted by drought and regions devastated by bush fires. Her generosity and spirit extend to anyone in need. In a way, an entrepreneur might spruik "find a market fill it " instead Angelica will find a need and gift it.

A recent example of filling a void was a gift of $150,000 worth of generators. These items have a dollar value, but to those in need, they can be lifesaving. She has sent pallet loads of cook-tops donated by Delonghi to Wauchope, and farmers in Pappinabaara. She has gifted 600 pairs of socks, 932 bottles of sanitiser, 55 jackets, some given by corporate donors and some from individuals. Her list of giving is endless. I left Angelica feeling inspired. Our community is full of people who care. Angelica is facilitating the care of many to give to those that need support. To Angelica, thank you.

If you know of someone who is also involved in charitable work and you would like to celebrate their work please email us at

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