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We all want our politicians to work for us, irrespective of which party or party faction they belong to. Unfortunately, we are increasingly seeing the politics of winning for the party taking precedence over winning for the people.


As an independent for Hughes, my focus will be working constructively with whoever forms the government and to represent the people of Hughes. 


All policies, voting positions and suggested amendments will be made on the following matrix - 


  •  How does the legislation / bill impact the citizens of  Hughes? 

  •  How does the legislation / bill impact Australians

  •  How does the legislation / bill impact our global positioning?

  •  Does the legislation / bill have good governance? 



This photo is from back in 2013 at a climate rally with and for my kids. We can not lose anymore time to climate change inaction.


The familiar green sights of Hughes. The greenest electorate in all of greater Sydney

People in Hughes care about the environment. One of the main reasons why we love living here is because of our green spaces, beaches and national parks. 

Unfortunately, our current federal member is a climate denier. He and a lack of action on climate change to avoid the worst of the climate crisis is a symptom of a broader political problem that will not get anything done.

If elected I will work constructively with other representatives in the Australian Parliament to enact laws that support effective government action on climate change. 

We need to take advantage of the economic opportunities by embracing existing technology which lowers emission and our bills at the same time. We can not afford to miss out on the renewable energy boom. 
I will listen to the experts and advocate for policies that can help Australia transition to a net zero economy while maintaining our standards of living and protecting the environment.

Australia is a global citizen, and this is the critical decade for climate action. 



The community of Hughes has been unfairly associated with the current federal member for far too long. His conspiratorial and uninformed views on most things, including climate change and COVID-19, do not represent us.

I will represent Hughes with integrity as an Independent. I will be inclusive and engage with our community so that we have a voice in Canberra.

I will support the introduction of a
robust federal anti-corruption body to ensure public officials including politicians are accountable for their actions and taxpayer money not misused.

To rebuild trust and transparency in our federal political system, I will advocate for a
Code of Conduct for politicians, as well as reforms to political donations and advertising rules.


Hughes is a community that cares. We all willingly locked down and vaccinated, more often than not we did this because we recognised our personal responsibility looked after others. 

When parts of the Hughes community endured the toughest lockdown restrictions for months in 2021, our current federal member did not help us by choosing to spread misinformation about COVID-19 and hampering public health measures.

Adversarial politics is not working to resolve the many complex issues facing Australia. The people of Hughes care about the future and preserving our quality of life. These include having policies in place to prevent over development without adequate infrastructure and supporting the vulnerable in our community.

Having managed my own successful business for over 20 years, I can guarantee that my Hughes electorate office will run functionally and not shut people out. It will be an inclusive place for members of the public to seek advice including how to access government services such as aged care support, Medicare and the NDIS.

I will continue to bring experts to talk with us on topics relevant to Hughes and the political climate. This continues a valuable part of the We Are Hughes platform of being informed. 


Economic recovery and supporting small business as we navigate the new Covid reality is an imperative. I will support legislation that seeks to underpin businesses and workers through a range of measures.

I will support measures that

  • Invest in workers' skills

  • Create incentives for Business

  • Support Australian industry and manufacturing

  • Create an environment for secure work 



Because when parents are supported, children can thrive & our whole community is stronger.

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