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Be part of our history - 10 days, 100 signatures!


The Governor-General has issued the writs and the election for both houses of the Australian Parliament will occur on May 21, 2022.


To contest an election to the House of Representatives I must be nominated by at least 100 electors in the division of Hughes. I have till April the 21st to collect the signatures. 


So let's make this fun. Check my calendar here, or keep up with Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to see where we are going to be and be one of the signatures that start me on my journey to Canberra. You will need to check your electoral details and bring your license or other identification. 


If you have difficulty leaving your home or travelling to venues, please contact me at and I will do my best to visit you so you can be included. We don't have to stop at 100, we can all be part of this. 

Keep checking in more dates will added soon!

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