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I commit to doing politics differently.


I aim to always be a trusted representative.


I will respect the views and values of the Hughes community.


I will always seek to be informed by experts and by those who are impacted by decisions.


As an Independent MP for Hughes, I will work constructively with whoever forms the government.


Before deciding about a policy, voting position or amendments I will ask the following questions:

  • Who is harmed by this decision and who receives most benefit?

  • How does this decision impact the citizens of Hughes? 

  • How does this decision impact all Australians?

  • How does this decision impact our global position?

  • Is the governance that supports this decision, robust and fit-for-purpose?



I will represent Hughes with integrity as an Independent. I will be inclusive and engage with our community so that our voice is heard in Canberra.

I will support the introduction of a robust federal anti-corruption body to ensure public officials, including politicians, are accountable for their actions and how they use taxpayer money. This is one of my highest priorities. 

I will advocate for a Code of Conduct for politicians, as well as for reforms to political donations and advertising rules.


I will implement a Code of Conduct for my office immediately. 

You can read more about my Commitments to Integrity and my commitment to a fair democracy here

Highly recommended viewing "Big Deal" A look at Australia's billion-dollar political lobbying industry, Christiaan Van Vuuren's unlikely journey shows us why we should care, and how we can safeguard our democracy from being sold to the highest bidder. Link here to watch on iview



This photo is from back in 2013 at a climate rally with and for my kids. We can not lose anymore time to climate change inaction.


Familiar sights of Hughes, the greenest electorate in all of Greater Sydney

I will work constructively with other representatives in the Australian Parliament to enact laws that support effective government action on climate change. 

Australia should be a genuine contributor to the global effort to keep warming below a 1.5 °C increase on pre-industrial levels.

My minimum 2030 emissions reduction target is 50% below 2005 levels. It is consistent with the Business Council of Australia, The Australian Industry Group and the State of NSW.

I will listen to the experts and advocate for policies that support Australia’s transition to a net-zero economy that:

  • recognise and respond to the impacts on communities of transitioning to new forms of energy production and delivery

  • increase work opportunities in a changing energy sector

  • protect the natural environment

  • return Australia to its rightful place as a respected global citizen contributing to reducing global carbon emissions


I will support legislation that underpins businesses, workers and the care economy.

I will support and contribute to measures that invest directly or create an environment for investment in:




I guarantee that my Hughes electorate office will be functional and available.


My office will be an inclusive place to seek advice including how to access government services such as aged care support, Medicare and the NDIS.

My office will work with community to give greater access to community grants and funding.

I will create opportunities for experts to talk with all of us on topics relevant to Hughes.


I will use my office and my position to give a voice to those who need to be heard including;’​


  • First Nations

  • Young people

  • Elders

  • People living with a disability

  • People living below the poverty line

  • Survivors of violence and abuse

  • Carers and support workers

  • Small business owners

  • The Arts community / creative economy

  • We will have a dedicated grants application and facilitation process to assist our community in accessing and applying for grants


  • I will always seek to protect the precious landscape, waterways, coastline, plants and animals that make Hughes such a special place to live.

  • I will seek to understand decisions at all levels of government that impact on the natural environment of Hughes.

  • I will work constructively with all levels of government to ensure the natural environment of Hughes is protected for our children and our children’s children.


  • I accept the invitation of the Uluru Statement from the Heart to walk together for a better future.

  • I will always be available to yarn.

  • I will use my position to give a platform for community to share their culture, and to speak of their desires, needs and challenges for their community.

  • I will challenge myself to continue to learn more about Indigenous culture and management of Country, especially on Dharawal Country and Dharug Country and across Australia and the Torres Strait.

  • I will incorporate into my everyday life what I am learning from Indigenous mentors.

First Nations
Do you have issues that need addressing? Please get in touch. 

As a candidate, I want to centre lived experience in policy responses. Discussion of the NDIS without people with disabilities, discussion of borders without the experiences of people who have sought asylum, and discussion of health without professionals isn’t changing politics as we know it.

Please get in touch below if you have issues that are impacting you and your family and need addressing, your lived experience will contribute to my informed policy positions.


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