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I am a long-term local, born and bred in Lilli Pilli in the eastern part of the Sutherland Shire. Together with my husband Ross, who is originally from Ariah Park in country NSW, we set up home in Bonnet Bay where we have raised our two daughters, Ayla and Jessi, among the sandstone and the bush. 

My parents and daughters are my greatest teachers. 


I have enjoyed a successful international career as an award winning architectural design executive and communication specialist working on diverse projects including Olympics and other major sporting events in Sydney, Athens, Beijing and Rio and more recently I have become experienced in the delivery and design of International Convention Centres.


I have worked with all levels of government and private enterprises as well as end-users. Engaging with people with diverse objectives for a common outcome will allow me to bring a fresh constructive approach to politics. 

Being my own boss for so long, I understand the passion and commitment required to maintain a business. I also know the uncertainty that accompanies downturns, as COVID-19 has shown, no matter how prepared we are, life can throw an almighty curve ball. 

I understand the pressures on business, particularly as we navigate our new COVID environment. 

We Are Hughes

In 2020, like a lot a lot of people in Hughes, I was frustrated with the way we were being represented, I felt like our community had no voice. With a few like-minded people, from across Hughes, from Bundeena to Wattle Grove we formed the community group “We Are Hughes”.

We asked the people of Hughes the type of person they wanted as a representative. Almost unanimously people wanted someone to represent them with integrity, who was informed about the impacts of their decisions, who was part of the community and who was inclusive of everyone. I am now proudly the ‘We Are Hughes’ endorsed independent candidate. I am already part of the change in Hughes, I want to continue to elevate our community’s voice. 

As a candidate, I want to centre lived experience in policy responses. Discussion of the NDIS without people with disabilities, discussion of borders without the experiences of people who have sought asylum, and discussion of health without professionals isn’t changing politics as we know it.

As your local member, I commit to behaving with integrity, being informed about the impacts of my decisions, being an active part of our community, and being inclusive of everyone.


At a recent catch up with members of Sutherland Shire Reconciliation ,we all agreed that sometimes simple conversations are the best way forward. 

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